EdinburghWeek-Long Study Tour | Psychology Program

Required Course(s)
Forensic Psychology

This study tour will focus on forensic psychology from national, organizational, and individual levels in a broader European context.

In 2014, the Scottish Justice System introduced an act to improve the experience of victims and witnesses of crime. During our study tour to Scotland, we will explore the rationale for these changes and how they were implemented, as well as crime prevention strategies and their effectiveness.

Since the early 2000s, changes to the Scottish criminal justice system have led to increased sentencing. Thus, the role of perpetrators will be explored and a gender perspective considered.

We will also explore rehabilitation services. Examples include the strength-based approach, which aims to reduce criminal offenders’ risk of re-offending, and a women-centered approach for female offenders. Assessment and treatment of victims and witnesses of crime will also be considered. With Scotland as our classroom, we will bring theory into practice by meeting scholars and practitioners that will share insight on current research within the field of forensic psychology.

Tour Objectives

  • Explore means for understanding the prevention and occurrence of crime, and the treatment of offenders and victims from an individual to societal level
  • Gain insight into the experiences of perpetrators and victims of crime, and learn how Scottish society views each
  • Explore how leading forensic consultants work to support police investigations
  • Become familiar with national initiatives relevant to forensic psychology

Possible Activities

  • Meet with national organizations, leading scholars, practitioners, and investigators in the field of forensics
  • Meet with past perpetrators, victims, and/or witnesses
  • Visit a state prison
  • Learn about an ‘Exit Program,’ a resource for ex-offenders to make successful transitions, as well as visiting female offenders’ rehabilitation programs