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Education / Educational Studies, Human Development, Psychology
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Fall/Spring semester

This course combines a study of theory, research, and application in the rapidly growing field of positive psychology. Critically examine the psychology of well-being with both its possibilities and limitations, focusing on topics such as positive emotions, character strengths, flow, flourishing, mindfulness, creativity, and post-traumatic growth within the context of culture and history. Investigate how positive psychology complements other areas of psychology, therapy, coaching, and communication, and how it can be applied in real-world, professional settings such as business development and the clinical context.

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Organizational Behavior


Susanna Z. Papp

DIS Stockholm Semester Faculty

BA and MA in Psychology (Eötvös Lóránd University, Budapest, 2008), BA in Economics and Business Communication (Budapest Business School, 2003), currently working on her Phd in Psychology. Research interests include restorative justice and victims, and cross-cultural communication. Worked as a psychologist with children and adolescents. Susanna is a communication and conflict management trainer and a lecturer at Budapest Business School. With DIS since 2017.

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