SwedenCore Course Week Study Tour | Computer Science Program

Required Course(s)
Machine Learning

During our Core Course Week Study Tour within Sweden, we visit professionals from academia and industry to learn about the latest developments in the field of machine learning. Through these visits, we investigate how the field is evolving in Sweden, and reflect upon major opportunities and challenges within machine learning research and implementation in real-world applications. In addition, we participate in cultural activities (e.g. city tours, outdoor activities, visits to museums) to learn about Swedish history, culture, and nature.

Tour Objectives

  • Engage in your personal learning process outside the classroom by actively participating and challenging your current ideas and assumptions
  • Broaden your perspective of machine learning in a Swedish context through field visits, while assessing affordances and limitations of incorporating machine learning approaches in various sectors
  • Through conversations with machine learning experts working in Sweden, obtain an understanding of the dynamic interplay between research, development, industry, and everyday applications of machine learning

Possible Activities

  • Visit research groups from renowned Swedish universities (e.g. Chalmers University of Technology), that specialize in Machine Learning, Data Analytics, and AI
  • Visit specialized companies that incorporate machine learning in their processes (e.g. Volvo Group)
  • Visit AI hubs that support incorporation on machine learning in various sectors