Finland (Fall)Week-Long Study Tour | Engineering Program

Finland, one of the most prosperous countries in the world, is well positioned to invest in a green economy. With a highly effective environmental administration and legislation, Finland provides good examples of how to protect the natural environment. The country has succeeded in curbing emissions from large industrial facilities, as well as in controlling emissions from agriculture, transport and homes.

During our week-long Study Tour to Finland, we will visit scholars, engineers, and experts to investigate their success stories, and to learn about sustainable resource management and environmental engineering approaches utilized to address global environmental challenges.

Our Study Tour is supplemented with relevant cultural visits to help you learn more about Finland and further contextualize your studies.

Tour Objectives

  • Explore the development of environmental protection tools and technologies in Finland, and evaluate their global applicability
  • Learn about strategies to curb emissions in Finland
  • Learn more about one of the European pioneers in sustainable urban development, Helsinki

Possible Activities

  • Meet scholars and researchers at the University of Helsinki to learn about current research and developments in environmental engineering
  • Visit engineers and experts in sustainable building and sustainable natural resource management
  • Visit one of the biomass/biogas plants in Helsinki