SwedenCore Course Week Study Tour | Neuroscience Program

Required Course(s)
Neuroscience of Emotion
3 Day(s)

The three-day study tour in Gothenburg will introduce you to neuroscience research and initiatives currently taking place in this innovative Swedish city. Through lectures at universities, visits to research labs, and discussions with scientists and practitioners, you will learn how Affective Neuroscience is researched and applied in a Swedish context.

In addition, the study tour program is supplemented with cultural visits to help you learn more about Swedish history and culture and give you a more well-rounded understanding of the context in which you are studying.

Tour Objectives

  • Broaden your perspective on research in Affective Neuroscience relative to affective disorders, as well as gain insight into the Scandinavian approach to research and treatment
  • Get a closer look into Affective Neuroscience and its impact on treatment in the psychiatric and psychological fields
  • Connect with patients with affective disorders and their relatives to learn about their lives and how people suffering from affective disorders are aided by the Swedish health system

Possible Activities

  • Take a tour of the Gillberg Neuropsychiatry Center, gaining insight into the latest research in affective disorders mainly focusing on the field of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
  • Visit the Swedish Imago Institute to explore how Neurobiology is connected to relationships, the brain, and wellbeing
  • Visit the Göteborg division of the National Swedish Autism and Aspergers Association