LondonWeek-Long Study Tour | Neuroscience Program

On this week-long Study Tour, you will examine the neuroscience of addiction through a multifaceted lens by honing in on cultural, social, historical, and political contexts. You will do this by visiting research labs, cultural centers, and treatment facilities in London, and learning from people with professional and lived experience with addiction. You will engage in discussion, field studies, and exercises to explore how science does (or does not) translate to real-world practice and learn more about British history and policy to contextualize your understanding of addiction.

Tour Objectives

  • Gain insight into public attitudes and policies to prevent problems with addiction in London
  • Visit labs specializing in addiction to learn about cutting-edge research on addictive processes and strategies for prevention and intervention
  • Hear from clinicians about challenges and opportunities for treating problems with addiction within the NHS

Possible Activities

  • Interview a therapist about sex addiction, love addiction, and co-dependency
  • Visit to the National Addiction Centre at the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London
  • Learn from NGOs campaigning toward awareness, prevention, and de-stigmatization of problems of addiction