SwedenCore Course Week Study Tour | Psychology Program

Required Course(s)
Forensic Psychology

Alongside a two-day seminar in Stockholm, the short study tour is designed to give you a nuanced understanding of how classroom theories can apply to a real world context. While in Greater Sweden, and specifically Gothenburg, you will learn about forensic psychology from individual and organizational perspectives in a Scandinavian context.

By visiting national institutions, you will gain a deeper understanding of the justice system in Sweden, learn how the Swedish welfare system operates, and how psychological, judicial, and crime prevention strategies and programs are used and why. You will also be exposed to various clinical settings, and meet with prominent researchers and practitioners to learn about the assessment and treatment of perpetrators, victims, and/or witnesses of crime.

The study tour is supplemented with visits to give you further insight to Swedish history and culture, as well as provide a more well-rounded understanding of the environment in which forensic psychology operates.

Tour Objectives

  • Explore means for understanding the prevention and occurrence of crime and the treatment of offenders and victims from an individual to societal level
  • Learn how Swedish society views both perpetrators and victims of crime
  • Become familiar with Swedish initiatives relevant for forensic psychology

Possible Activities

  • Meet with national organizations such as The Department of Justice and Centre for Ethics, Law and Mental Health
  • Meet with leading scholars from the research unit; Criminal, Legal, and Investigative Psychology (CLIP) at Gothenburg university
  • Visit practitioners working with perpetrators