Investing for Impact and ChangeSemester Course

Major Discipline(s)
Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship
Paused Course
This course is currently paused for the Spring 2022 semester. It will run in other semesters.
Elective Course
Fall/Spring semester

This course explores the increasingly popular movement of impact investing and how money can be used to do good and fund sustainable development. Through the exploration of real-life case studies and an interactive approach to learning, gain valuable tools to approach social and environmental challenges in a commercial and sustainable way. Interact with a wide range of inspiring impact investors, social entrepreneurs, and political activists who work to make finance work for the greater good.

Included Travel Component

The course includes a travel component as an integrated part of the course. In the travel component we go to London for three days to learn about impact investing from a British perspective, which is different from the Danish in many aspects. We visit leading impact investors such as Bridges Fund Management as well as the public and private organizations they are involved with. The activities of the trip are primarily academic and include interviews and group casework with impact organizations with the aim of learning how they work with measuring social impact.

This trip will come at no extra cost to you but is a mandatory part of the curriculum of this course. Travel will take place over three days during the period of your semester known as the ‘Study Break.’


Rasmus Dilling-Hansen

DIS Copenhagen Semester Faculty

MSc in Social Entrepreneurship and Management, Roskilde University. Project Manager in Den Sociale Kapitalfond, a Danish pioneer and market leader in social impact investments. Part of the team which is developing the first commercial fund for social impact investments in Denmark.