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Health Services in Denmark

Denmark’s Medical Advice Line If you don’t feel well and it is not an emergency, call Denmark’s emergency medical advice line, 1813. The line is open 24/7 and monitored by trained nurses. Calling 1813 serves two…

Taking Medication to Denmark

Bringing Medication Through Danish Customs The Danish Health Authority limits the amount and type of medication that can be carried into the country. Generally, any type of medication that contains amphetamine, benzodiazepine, methylphenidate, and other euphoriants…

Sexual Violence

While studying with DIS, if you experience any type of sexual violence, including relationship violence, please know that you have options, and support is available to you as you begin the healing process.

Session 2

June 14 – July 3 3 weeks | 3 credits In this session, choose 1 course that includes: 2 weeks in Copenhagen or Stockholm 1 week-long, course-integrated Study Tour in Europe Local explorations beyond the classroom…

In An Emergency

Current students should save the phone numbers on this page for quick reference if needed.

Power of Women in the Viking Age

In this course, we focus on the representations of women in the Viking world. The idea of strong Viking women is explored in numerous ways including the question of gender and the sphere in between male…

Study Tours

Included in Sessions 2, 3, and 4: Architecture and Design, course-integrated Study Tours form a central part of your DIS academic experience.