Research Assistant: Modes of Architectural Production in U.S., Denmark, and SwedenSummer Course

Major Discipline(s)
History, Architecture
Location: Copenhagen
Labs, Research, & Practicums Session

This project investigates a supranational ‘triangle’ of influences among Denmark, Sweden, and the United States in regards to a shift that occurred in the organization of architectural practices during the Cold War (1947-91). The focus is on the nature of this triangle. How was it shaped? What was its geometry (e.g. equilateral triangle or was it unbalanced through one or the other nations)? Which were the paradigmatic documents (e.g. manuals, guidelines, handbooks) that reified this supranational economic and cultural ‘triangle’? Who were the actors (e.g. architectural firms, building companies, associations)? Which were the outcomes (e.g. architectural projects, advertising campaigns) in the implementation of such specific modes of architectural production towards productivity?

This project aims thus to investigate precisely this import-export of knowledge flourished under the ‘Pax Americana,’ beyond the traditional narrative of U.S. as an exporter of knowledge but also as an importer and recipient.

This project is meant as a collective, progressive project where samarbejde (working collectively) is strongly encouraged among the participants, from data collection until the research is disseminated. The research assistant(s) are introduced to and instructed in quantitative data collection (e.g. literature and archive review based on Arkitekten (DK) a Danish specialized architectural magazine as the main media for architectural critiques at that time); as well as performing initial data analysis through inscriptive architectural and design tools (e.g. infographics). The expected outcome is the production of a series of critical written articles by the research assistants as part of some progressive architectural installations. The first installation, named “Tripolarity”, was hosted by the Copenhagen DIS Student Hub. It was a site-specific installation part of the Copenhagen Architecture Festival CAFx 2020 in October 2020. A second installation, “Old, but gold” was hosted by the SPARK Galleri in Malmö, Sweden in fall 2022.

Research Assistantship Hours 

You will spend 180 hours directly engaged in research, together with 20 hours in co-curricular activities, during your RAship.   

Field Studies: Culture & Language 

As a co-curricular complement to your summer research, you will meet every Wednesday, together with faculty from the DIS European Humanities program, for a 6-week introduction to culture and language in Copenhagen.  


Select Mentor Publications

  • Gigliotti, A., Monterumisi, C., & Prencipe M. (Eds.). (2024). Canon(s) and Icon(s): re-wondering a North-South contamination. Book Series: Analecta Romana Instituti Danici. Supplementa (Roma: Quasar Editore). 
  • Gigliotti, A. & Gigone, F. (October 7th – November 7th, 2022). Old, but gold. [Installation]. SPARK Galleri, Malmö, Sweden.