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In An Emergency

Current students should save the phone numbers on this page for quick reference if needed.

Power of Women in the Viking Age

In this course, we focus on the representations of women in the Viking world. The idea of strong Viking women is explored in numerous ways including the question of gender and the sphere in between male…

Study Tours

Included in Sessions 2, 3, and 4: Architecture and Design, course-integrated Study Tours form a central part of your DIS academic experience.

CYA Partnership Course

June 21 – July 17 4 weeks | 4 Credits CYA and DIS offer a special partnership course, divided in two locations. The course starts in Athens, Greece on June 21 and all students then transfer…

World of Vikings: Facts, Fiction, and Fantasy

In this course, we study the history, religion, and worldview of the pre-Christian Scandinavians as reflected in primary medieval texts and poems from the Viking Age. The course offers insights into the Viking Age in Scandinavia,…

Summer 2021 Sessions

Enjoy the flexibility of the DIS summer calendar and build your study abroad experience around your summer plans.

Past Summer Writers

Student Writers share their stories summer after summer. Though courses change over the years, our past writers can provide you with important perspectives and resources on what it’s like to study at DIS. 2018 Amelia, Session…