Research Assistant: Development of Novel Aptamers for Therapeutic and/or Diagnostic PurposesSummer Course

Major Discipline(s)
Biomedicine / Biotechnology, Biology
Location: Copenhagen
Labs, Research, & Practicums Session

Dianox develops novel oligonucleotides called chemical antibodies or aptamers that can bind to proteins, small molecules, or cells with high affinity. We have developed a proprietary database and machine learning platform to create new aptamers that can bind to different targets. The research project will encompass binding of aptamers to surface proteins related to cancer. The research assistant will test these aptamers using fluorescence and other techniques on proteins or cancer cells lines. Over the course of the term, the research assistant will do weekly one-pagers and finalize the project by writing up a research paper.

Please note: This course will require a lot of reading in the beginning of the session in order to understand the fundamentals of the research

Research Assistantship Hours 

You will spend 180 hours directly engaged in research, together with 20 hours in co-curricular activities, during your RAship.   

Field Studies: Culture & Language 

As a co-curricular complement to your summer research, you will meet every Wednesday, together with faculty from the DIS European Humanities program, for a 6-week introduction to culture and language in Copenhagen.  


Select Research Mentor bibliography:

  • Jahromi BR, Zamorin, V, Code C, Netti E, Laaskso A, Tulamo R, Niemelä M (2022). E-149 Contrast labeled immunoliposomes for detecting rupture prone aneurysms. Brain and Spine (2).
  • da Silva AG, Goulart L, Loffler P, Code C, Neves Al (2022). Development of a Molecular Aptamer Beacon Applied to Magnetic-Assisted RNA Extraction for Detection of Dengue and Zika Viruses Using Clinical Samples. International Journal of Molecular Sciences (22).

Related Discipline(s)

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Chemistry / Biochemistry