EdinburghSummer Study Tour

Required Course(s)
Positive Psychology

The Scottish government has managed to use the cornerstones of positive psychology in both policy and practice to empower individuals, influence communities, and promote positive mental health and well-being of all Scottish citizens. This tour explores the link between these aspects, and analyzes its effectiveness. The academic visits will give you a forum to discuss and debate cultural differences within ‘best practice,’ and each will encourage you to explore the historical, economic, and social backgrounds of positive psychology.

During the study tour, you will discuss public policies, community practices, and individual efforts. You will also have the opportunity to gain insight and observe the culture of both Glasgow and Edinburgh by attending performances, visiting museums, and exploring the highland landscape to add to your understanding of well-being.

Visiting Glasgow and Edinburgh allows an interesting comparison of the happiness and well-being levels of Scottish citizens in two distinct cities. How does life in a larger, more industrial city of working class citizens compare to life in a smaller, wealthier, middle class town? Do these social and economic factors really have an influence on happiness?

The study tour will integrate theories presented in classroom, together with guest lecturers and field studies,  for an extended study of positive psychology practices from many cultural perspectives.

Tour Objectives

  • Gain insight into the field of positive psychology
  • Understand how positive psychology can be applied at the policy level and in institutions
  • Compare and contrast the Danish government and the Scottish government, in regards to the ways mental health is supported

Possible Activities

  • Visiting a meditation center to learn how it influences positive thinking
  • Hiking to Arthur's Seat and utilizing positive psychology methods in nature
  • Discussing and meeting with top researchers in the field of mental health
  • Visit an NGO that empowers workforces to promote emotional health and well-being of children and young people