IcelandSummer Study Tour

This Study Tour to will provide you with an opportunity to explore the Nordic judicial system and criminal justice through academic visits. You will gain a profound understanding of how science-based psychological knowledge contributes to (or in some cases, fails to contribute to) legal practice. The tour will also allow you to explore and gain insight into the culture of Iceland through attending performances, visiting museums, and participating in social activities.

Tour Objectives

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of psychological contributions to the Nordic judicial system
  • Engage in personal learning and development outside the classroom by actively participating and challenging preexisting ideas and assumptions
  • Gain a deeper and more nuanced understanding of how classroom theories about legal psychology can be applied to the real-world environment

Possible Activities

  • Visit the Supreme Court of Iceland, The Committee on the Rights of the Child, and the Reykjavik prison
  • Experience the Icelandic Barnahus to learn about child-friendly forensic and medical examinations
  • Learn from top researchers at the University of Iceland