AmsterdamSummer Study Tour

Required Course(s)
Prostitution and the Sex Trade

Amsterdam is a dynamic city full of culture, natural beauty, and very liberal attitudes. A thriving red light district blends effortlessly into the cityscape of tree-lined canals, quaint cafes, and bustling bike lanes. Prostitution is legal in both Denmark and The Netherlands, but the approaches to prostitution are different, and are in stark contrast to the general approach in the U.S. Through visits to NGOs and meetings with Dutch sex workers, you will have plenty of opportunities to learn, ask questions, explore differences, and gain insight into the Dutch perspective toward prostitution and trafficking, as well as challenge your perceptions about prostitution.

The academic visits are supplemented with cultural visits to help you learn more about Dutch history and culture, as well as give you a more well-rounded understanding of the communities in which you are studying. In the past, cultural visits have included touring the Anne Frank House, sailing through the city’s canals, and enjoying traditional Dutch cuisine.

Tour Objectives

  • Compare and contrast the societal differences in legalized and criminalized prostitution in the Netherlands, U.S., Denmark, and Sweden
  • Understand the Dutch approach towards prostitution and trafficking
  • Gain new insights into the lives of sex workers in Europe

Possible Activities

  • Scavenger hunt of the Jordaan neighborhood
  • Getting a guided tour of Amsterdam’s Red Light District by a former Dutch sex worker, including insight into what it is like to sit in 'a window' waiting for customers
  • Visiting with NGOs that try to influence the authorities on human trafficking, as well a advocate for the human and civil rights of migrant sex workers