Prostitution and the Sex TradeSummer Course

Prostitution and the Sex Trade, Summer Course
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Major Discipline(s)
Gender Studies, Public Policy, Sociology
Location: Copenhagen
Session 2

This course provides you with an understanding of prostitution from sociological and legal angles. It introduces you to basic gender political discussions surrounding prostitution and explores the ways in which prostitution reflects and shapes gender norms and social hierarchies. We study the sex trade in different parts of the world, but focus on a comparison between Denmark, Sweden, and the Netherlands as they have radical, but different, approaches to prostitution.


Related Discipline(s)

This summer course would also be of interest to the following discipline(s):
Human Rights, Legal Studies


Teresa Imaya Bengtsson

DIS Summer Faculty

Cand.mag. in Advanced Migration Studies (Copenhagen University). B.A., in Global Humanities (Communications and Cultural Encounters, Roskilde University Center). Research interests include migration and transnationalism, identity and belonging, and Islamic feminism. Passionate about diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives in higher education. With DIS since 2013.

Helle Rytk√łnen

DIS Summer Faculty

Ph.D. (Modern Thought and Literature, Stanford University, 2002). M.S. and B.S. (Political Science, University of Copenhagen). Exchange student at UC Berkeley, 1993-1995. Taught Anthropology, Philosophy and Rhetoric at Stanford University, 2002-12. Also taught classes at Hope House, a rehabilitation center in Redwood City, California, for female substance abusers and criminals, 2008-11. With DIS since 2012.

Deivida Vandzinskaite

DIS Summer Faculty

Ph.D. (Education, Siauliai University, Lithuania, 2011), focus on the cross-cultural use of service learning in higher education. M.A. (Social Anthropology and Sociology, Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania, 2006). Lecturer and Senior Research Scholar, Siauliai University, 2007-2013. Visiting scholar at the Danish School of Education, Aarhus University, 2008-2012. Research experience on the national and international level covering topics related to cultural diversity and cross-cultural issues, gender and family studies, global diffusion of educational models, and voluntary participation in Europe. With DIS since 2013.

Sociology, Deivida Vandzinskaite