BerlinSummer Study Tour

Required Course(s)
Psychology of Violence and Hate

This Study Tour takes you to Berlin, a diverse and multicultural city with a complex past. With Berlin as our destination we have a unique opportunity to study the history of violent extremism with a focus on the Nazi regime leading up to the Second World War, as well as the more contemporary history of both left-wing and right-wing terrorists from the 1970s onward.

In Berlin we visit experts who are working with prevention, interventions, communications, policy, and Exit initiatives regarding both the phenomena of violent extremism as well as the individuals in these environments. At the same time, Berlin has been a refuge for avantgarde artists from all over the world and has another image as a radically experimenting, open, free, and innovative city. We will explore the psychology of extreme reactions in this Janus-headed city and critically apply theory, research, and personal reflections in order to create a more nuanced view of the complex psychological process that leads to intolerance and radical cultural expressions. During our tour we will also visit some of the great art collections in Europe and see how modern art can be a medium for radical standpoints and system critique as well as participate in Urban Awareness Activities that invite us to engage with the city as a memorial for the atrocities of the past.

Tour Objectives

  • Meet with leading European scientists from the areas of social and clinical psychological studies to critically discuss current research in the field
  • Compare and contrast antiradicalization practices in Sweden and Germany
  • Visit some of the best art collections in Europe and understand how violence, oppression, and hate have been present in art since the medical ages and reflect on what that tells us about human psychology
  • Develop a deeper understanding of sociocultural tension and aggressive expression from historical, individual, social, and cultural perspectives

Possible Activities

  • University of Berlin, Exit Deutschland, and The Stasi Museum of Berlin
  • Guided city walk with focus on memorials and their function in present day life
  • Museum of Jewish History