World of Vikings: Facts, Fiction, and FantasySummer Course

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History, Literature
Location: Stockholm
Session 2

In this course, we study the history, religion, and worldview of the pre-Christian Scandinavians as reflected in primary medieval texts and poems from the Viking Age. The course offers insights into the Viking Age in Scandinavia, both by reading original sources and by examining the pop-cultural echoes of the Viking world in the fiction and fantasy of today.


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Religious Studies


Kim Bergqvist

DIS Summer Faculty

PhD Candidate in History, Department of History, Stockholm University. MA (2010) and BA (2008) Stockholm University. Teaches medieval history at Stockholm University since 2012. Visiting Scholar to Columbia University (2016), Cornell University (2014), and the University of Navarra, Pamplona (2012–13). Publications have appeared in The Medieval Chronicle and Collegium Medievale. Areas of specialization: medieval Scandinavia; medieval Iberia; comparative history; medieval literature, genre and fiction; political culture; gender history; the history of emotions. With DIS since 2018.