IcelandSummer Study Tour

Required Course(s)
Arctic Marine Mammals

Skjálfandi Bay, off the coast from the town of Húsavík in northeast Iceland, is considered as one of the best locations in Iceland to watch and research whales. This is where we based as we spend Study Tour engaging in various projects, applying both theoretical and practical aspects of cetacean research methodologies.

Over the course of a week in Húsavík, you will undertake your own small research project, collecting data in the wild and gaining hands-on experience with both traditional and modern field methodologies for studying free-ranging cetaceans (whales and dolphins) and pinnipeds (seals). The field methodologies covered will include drone observations and footage, theodolite monitoring, collecting and matching photo-ID, sound recordings, and tagging.

Possible Activities

  • Go out to sea on a research vessel for data collection
  • Analyze new and existing data from active research
  • Visit the marine mammal exhibition in Húsavík
  • Speak with local experts and participate in exercises on topics including human-animal interactions, underwater noise, hunting, impacts of climate change, and the management and conservation of marine mammals