LondonSummer Study Tour

London is one of the most technologically advanced cities in the world, exemplified with East London Tech City, also known as Silicon Roundabout. You will gain an understanding of the myriads of possibilities for trained data scientists by visiting companies relying on deep learning and neural networks – whether it being small start-ups or established giants in the marked. You will get an international view of the future of AI research by engaging with researchers and students at London high profile computer science institutions.

A Study Tour to London would not be complete without a chance to experience its cultural and ethnic diversity. Through touring boroughs, exploring significant sites, and visiting museums, you will learn about the historic and contemporary United Kingdom.

Tour Objectives

  • Learn about how deep learning and data science are used in industry and academic research
  • Understand how people coming from different backgrounds work with machine learning and AI
  • Engage in your personal learning process outside the classroom by actively participating and challenging your current beliefs, ideas, and assumptions
  • Get to know your fellow students and professor in an educational and social setting outside DIS

Possible Activities

  • Meet with professionals working in tech giants or tech start-ups based in London
  • Tour Tech City to understand what it takes to create a tech cluster – or simply what it takes to start up yourself
  • Learn from researchers and peers within London's prime computer science institutions such as Imperial College, Cambridge, or Kings College