BerlinSummer Study Tour

The clinical practice of medicine does not exist in a void – it is embedded in societies and their health care systems, which are under constant development. The study tour to Berlin will introduce you to the nuances of medical practice in the well-established, efficient, and holistic German system. You will have the opportunity to visit hospitals as well as meet specialists in their field, providing you with unique insight into the healthcare system.

Through discussions and visits with healthcare providers, you will gain an understanding of key issues involved in healthcare today, such as demographics and economy, healthcare promotion and infection control, allocation of technology, money and resources, organization of and entry into the health system, and patient-doctor relationships. The cultural character and interesting history of Berlin offer a fascinating case study in how politics and culture affect the development of a healthcare system. In addition to medical visits, you will also visit historic sites and experience local culture to contextualize your understanding of medical practice in Germany.

Throughout the study tour, you will utilize Berlin as your classroom to better understand the strengths and challenges of the German healthcare system, and to draw comparisons to your experiences in Denmark and the United States.

Tour Objectives

  • Compare and contrast medical practice in Denmark and Germany
  • Observe examples of clinical practice and research with clinical relevance
  • Experience medical practice in a social, international, and scientific context
  • Understand the challenges that healthcare providers currently face

Possible Activities

  • Visiting HELIOS Klinikum Berlin-Buch
  • Hearing a lecture and getting a tour at Charité Medical University
  • Discussion with medical practitioners at the German Family Planning Center (Familienplanungszentrum Berlin)