CroatiaSummer Study Tour

Student practicing inserting an IV during a Human Health and Disease Field Study at Gentofte Hospital.

This Study Tour to Croatia’s Dalmatia region will introduce you to the differences between medical practices on the urban mainland in Dubrovnik and on rural Korčula island. You will engage in a diverse array of visits, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of healthcare in Croatia and the challenges faced by medical providers and the patient population in this region.

By meeting with medical professionals, visiting hospitals and clinics, and conversing with locals, you will observe the differences in access to healthcare in these distinct locations, gaining firsthand insight into Croatia’s medical landscape. You will examine key issues facing healthcare today, including demographic and economic factors, healthcare promotion and infection control, allocation of technology, funding, and resources, organization and entry into the health system, and patient-doctor relationships. By the end of the Study Tour, you will have a deeper understanding of the strengths and challenges of the not only the Croatian healthcare system but also the differences in caring for patients in urban versus rural settings.

Throughout the tour, Croatia’s Dalmatia region will serve as an immersive classroom, providing you with a distinctive perspective on its healthcare system, cultural practices, and local community dynamics. By engaging directly with the region’s medical infrastructure and professionals, you will gain invaluable insights into the operational and logistical aspects of healthcare delivery in both urban and rural settings. Additionally, interacting with local residents will deepen your understanding of the socio-cultural factors that influence health behaviors and outcomes in this region. These comprehensive experiences will allow you to make well-informed comparisons with the healthcare systems and practices you have encountered in Denmark and the United States.

Tour Objectives

  • Compare medical practices in urban Dubrovnik and rural Korčula
  • Compare healthcare systems in Croatia, Denmark, and the U.S. to understand the challenges faced by providers
  • Observe clinical practice and research with clinical relevance
  • Experience medical practice in social, historical, and scientific contexts
  • Interact with locals to understand their perspectives on the healthcare system

Possible Activities

  • Tour local healthcare facilities, such as General Hospital Dubrovnik or the Health Center of Korčula
  • Discuss the Croatian healthcare system with doctors at General Hospital Dubrovnik and surrounding clinics
  • Interview locals about their healthcare experiences in different regions of Croatia