NorwaySummer Study Tour

The vast majority of electricity production in Norway relies on renewable energy sources, with hydropower as the backbone of the Norwegian energy system. In addition, Norway is leading initiatives towards a clean and green economy.

During our week-long Study Tour to Norway, we will visit scholars, engineers, and experts to investigate their success stories and to learn about hydropower, sustainable resource management, and environmental engineering approaches to address global environmental challenges.

Our Study Tour will be supplemented with relevant cultural visits to help you learn more about Norway and further contextualize your studies.

Tour Objectives

  • Gain an understanding of a unique eco-friendly capital, Oslo, and its achievements in sustainable urban development
  • Explore the development of hydropower plants and other environmental engineering tools in Norway
  • Analyze strategies to secure sustainable cities, clean production, and renewable energy production

Possible Activities

  • Meet scholars at the University of Oslo and other research institutions to learn about current research and developments in environmental engineering
  • Meet engineers and experts in hydropower production
  • Visit the Hammeren Hydroelectric Power Station