Healthcare Systems: A Comparative ApproachSummer Course

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Major Discipline(s)
Pre-Medicine / Health Science, Public Health, Public Policy
Location: Copenhagen
Session 2

Different countries choose different approaches to the provision of healthcare. Through this course, you gain insight into how healthcare is organized and financed in Denmark and Northern Europe, and you investigate the impact of the social, economic, and political history on the present systems. You analyze principles of priority-setting in healthcare, and discuss and assess possible solutions to challenges such as aging populations, inequality in health, and rising healthcare expenditures.


Augusta Mariia Søndergaard

DIS Summer Faculty

M.Sc. (Public Health, University of Southern Denmark, 2016). B.A. (Nursing, University College Absalon, 2013). Research Assistant, Odense University Hospital, 2017. Nurse, Neonatal ward, Rigshospitalet, 2016-2017. Research and project manager, WoMena, 2016-present. With DIS since 2018.