NetherlandsSummer Study Tour

The Study Tour to the Netherlands provides you the opportunity to compare the nuances of the health care systems in Denmark and the Netherlands. By visiting health providers and meeting with general practitioners and NGOs, you will observe and better understand the challenges these stakeholders and the health system face. Previous visits have included a meeting with a general practitioner, discussing reproductive health with a practicing midwife, and visiting a community health center working with health promotion. In addition, the program includes activities to enhance your understanding of the cultural, historical and social climate of the region.

Tour Objectives

  • Compare the structure, role and function of different health institutions in the Dutch healthcare system
  • Observe the challenges the Netherlands faces in relation to healthcare delivery due to rising costs, increase in aging populations, and inequality in health
  • Engage in your personal learning process outside the classroom by actively participating and challenging your current ideas and assumptions

Possible Activities

  • Visit primary care facilities and meeting with a General Practitioner
  • Visit to a community health service facility working with health promotion
  • Visit a Dutch midwife to learn about pregnancy and birth in the Netherlands