Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism from a European PerspectiveSummer Course

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History, International Relations, Political Science
Location: Copenhagen
Session 2

Terrorism and counter-terrorism have been on everyone’s mind since 9/11. However, terrorism didn’t just appear out of the blue on that horrifying September day. This course is a study of terrorism – its causes, aims, and forms – and of counter-terrorism measures introduced by the international community and individual states. The course examines the implications of terrorism for international politics in the 21st century.


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Government, Philosophy


Steen Kjærgaard

DIS Summer Faculty

Master of Arts in International Security from the University of Leicester (UK). Graduated Joint Command and Staff College (MA) 2010. Commissioned as an Army officer in 1996, after having served as NCO since 1989. Multiple international deployments to conflict zones. Currently works at the Royal Danish Defense College, as a military analyst focusing on security issues such as military security, Counter-Terrorism and International Law. Served in the Danish Defense Intelligence service. With DIS Spring 2018 and again in Spring and Summer 2019.

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