DublinSummer Study Tour

The week-long Study Tour is designed to expose you to the new focus that can be seen worldwide, and particularly in Ireland, regarding Precision Medicine. Being the home to the company Genomics Medicine Ireland (GMI), which is set to establish a world-class genomic research and development program, Dublin is the stage for how capturing genomic data from the Irish population could prove pivotal in ushering precision medicine in the future. A collaboration between GMI and University College Dublin also targets key initiatives to build capacity, train, and develop the next generation of medical professionals in this groundbreaking field. These types of initiatives involve both medical providers and the overall population, as the focus is on transforming healthcare by providing a greater understanding of the role a person’s genes, behaviors, and environment plays in their general health. By visiting Dublin, you can witness first-hand the types of changes that are happening and will happen in this new era of tailored treatment.

The Study Tour program incorporates relevant cultural visits and social events to help you learn about the Irish culture and better get to know your classmate and instructor(s).

Tour Objectives

  • Observe how new initiatives can come into play and have an impact on the overall patient treatment approach
  • Broaden your knowledge on the type of information needed to establish new methods of disease prevention and treatment
  • Compare and contrast Sweden, the U.S., and Ireland in their approaches to precision medicine and how it can impact healthcare and medical treatments

Possible Activities

  • Visit Genomics Medicine Ireland and learn about the different projects they run
  • Hear how University College Dublin prepares future medical providers to use a precision medicine approach when treating patients
  • Meet clinicians at St. James hospital who work on targeting cancer patients using a precision medicine approach