HelsinkiSummer Study Tour

Situated at the gateway to both Europe and Russia, Helsinki has long been recognized for its geostrategic importance and role as a politically strategic hub. Its unique position places it at the convergence of various international spheres of influence, making Helsinki a vital center for diplomatic dialogue, global partnerships, and political innovation.

In the course Comparative Economics: Global Risk and European Responses, we will face the reality of complex crisis responses amid a variety of economic restrictions and capabilities. Our study tour to Helsinki will have us compare and contrast the Swedish and Finnish approaches within the Nordic economic model, and gain an understanding of why exactly these two neighboring countries differ so much in their responses to crises. We will also immerse ourselves in Finnish culture and learn how these cultural dynamics shape economic behaviors and policies.

In a world where economic turbulence can be a daunting challenge, Finland has stood out as a model of stability and resilience. What has made this Nordic nation such an example? Or is that image merely a fabrication? Let’s investigate!

Tour Objectives

  • Develop an understanding of how not only crises themselves, but also the policies and regulations intended to address these crises, affect firms, organizations, and other economic players
  • Examine how various industries have coped in the past with crises and what has been the role of the government in their performance
  • Gain new knowledge of Finland’s role in providing global aid and its role in Europe and the EU as a participant in conflict resolution
  • Engage with locals to gain a comprehensive understanding of their perspectives on Finland’s economic conditions and its ability to handle various challenges

Possible Activities

  • Visit Suomenlinna, a sea fortress built gradually from 1748 onwards on a group of islands. It has served to defend three different sovereign states over the years: the Kingdom of Sweden, the Russian Empire and most recently the Republic of Finland. We will hear about its ongoing role in defense, in tourism, and in culture
  • Hear from experts about investing strategies in times of economic crisis and the Finnish approach
  • Learn from representatives of various industries to gain a more focused perspective on how crises are experienced in reality
  • Visit the Bank of Finland to learn more about Finland’s financial conditions and their transition to the Eurozone
  • Experience the city through various activities and games