Early Childhood: Nordic Education and ParentingSummer Course

Early Childhood: Nordic Education and Parenting
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Major Discipline(s)
Child Development, Education / Educational Studies, Human Development
Location: Copenhagen
Session 2

The earliest years of a child’s life play a foundational role in the opportunities, experiences, and relationships they develop as adults. This course investigates the key elements of how both parents and professionals contribute to children’s socialization and development – and how those practices translate into larger cultural contexts. Exploration of concepts like parental leave, attachment, play, and nature occurs through hands-on experiences in childcare settings, and interactions with parents.



Jennifer Duncan-Bendix

DIS Summer Faculty

M.Ed. (Daycare and Primary School, Aarhus University, 2014). B.A. (Human Development and Family Studies – Early Childhood Development and Education, University of Connecticut, 2006). Assistant Program Director of Child Development and Diversity, DIS, 2014-present. Pedagogue in the International and Danish communities in Copenhagen, 2008-2010. Interests include cross-cultural practices, discourses, and research related to how we create active and caring environments for young children. With DIS since 2007.