BudapestSummer Study Tour

Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is a panoramic city with a rich cultural life and dynamic political environment. Under its current leader, Victor Orban, Hungary has emerged as the champion of a political trajectory known as “illiberal democracy.” A Study Tour to Budapest presents an opportunity to experience the magic of a magnificent European metropolis. Yet, it also provides a unique vantage point for understanding the political forces that not only threaten Hungarian democracy but also call into question the unity of the European Union.

Tour Objectives

  • Develop a solid understanding of the dynamics of political extremism in contemporary Hungary
  • Examine the ways in which representatives of civil society -- universities, NGOs, the media -- have attempted to defend democratic institutions
  • Engage in the cultural life of a great European city

Possible Activities

  • Visit Political Capital, a think tank committed to the basic values of parliamentary democracy, human rights, and a market economy
  • Meet with Foresee Research Group, an NGO that focuses on the prevention of social polarization and exclusion
  • Tour the Hungarian Parliament and NGO TASZ (Hungarian Civilian Liberties Union)