DenmarkCore Course Week Study Tour | Public Health Program

Core Course Week, including short Study Tour, familiarizes you with the healthcare system in Denmark, with a focus on health care administration and the role of the general practitioner. On this tour, you investigate first-hand the administrative side of public health and experience how different stakeholders operate and shape the Danish healthcare system.

In addition, the Study Tour is supplemented with social and cultural visits to relevant and exciting sites. Past visits have included a walking tour of Hans Christian Andersen’s hometown, visiting castles, and a ropes course.

Tour Objectives

  • Observe the challenges Denmark faces in relation to healthcare due to rising costs, aging populations, and inequality in health
  • Relate the performance and set-up of a health provider to the structure of the healthcare system
  • Understand the role and function of primary care and general practice in the Danish healthcare system

Possible Activities

  • Meeting a lead administrator at the regional level to gain insight into the regional planning system
  • Meeting with a general practitioner and touring their clinic
  • Visiting a municipality's health center or a hospital department