United KingdomWeek-Long Study Tour | Neuroscience Program

On this week-long Study Tour, you examine the neuroscience of creativity outside of the classroom setting by visiting key research centers, practitioners, and/or organizations within this developing field. You explore the multiple facets which contribute to the creative process and its products, to understand the complexity of creating, while considering traditional creative disciplines and aesthetic perspectives. Cultural insights into creativity are explored by visiting venues that address the development of creativity within the rich and diverse periods of history in the UK.



Tour Objectives

  • Explore how research is conducted in the cognitive neuroscience of creativity
  • Understand creative processes in real-world settings
  • Develop a rich understanding of individual differences and context in explaining the creative process

Possible Activities

  • Visit university research units at some of the UK's leading neuroscience programs
  • Apply to what you have learned in the classroom through actively engaging in workshops built to encourage your own creativity
  • Hear from practitioners to understand how insights from the neuroscience of creativity are applied