FlorenceWeek-Long Study Tour | Neuroscience Program

This week-long Study Tour to Bologna and Florence offers the opportunity to explore consciousness and cognition outside of the classroom. You will visit one of University of Bologna’s laboratories known for its leading research on the relationship between consciousness and sleep, and the different degrees of cognitive processes during dreaming. At the University of Florence, you will meet and discuss with educators in the Neuroscience Department about the study of attention and consciousness, and will hear about scientific findings on the brain under hypnosis.

Throughout the tour, you will explore your personal concept of consciousness in different socio-cultural and physical environments. The class will take part in an Urban Awareness Activity, designed to showcase the great city of Florence and help you learn more about the nuances in Italian history and culture.

Tour Objectives

  • Meet with leading European scientists in consciousness studies to critically discuss current research in the field
  • Test principles and theories within consciousness studies through physical and mental activities
  • Develop a deeper understanding of consciousness on the individual level by evaluating different settings throughout the week

Possible Activities

  • Learn to trust your sense of touch and smell by dining at a restaurant in complete darkness
  • Participate in a workshop amidst the wild and beautiful nature of Tuscany at Osho Miasto, where you will explore body awareness and sense of self
  • Test Ned Block´s claim that we perceive more than we can account for, by trying to identify the pre-conceptual experience of tastes and flavors at the winery Piazza del Vino