Southern SwedenCore Course Week Study Tour | Neuroscience Program

Core Course Week, including short Study Tour, forms an integral part of the neuroscience curriculum by expanding your understanding of, and of the connection between, psychopharmacological history, academic education and training, and both clinical and lab-based research.

The region of Denmark and southern Sweden are home to Medicon Valley – one of Europe’s leading life science clusters and a hub for research institutions, biotech, and pharmaceutical companies.

The two-day seminar in Copenhagen and three-day Study Tour in Southern Sweden will introduce you to neuroscience research and initiatives currently happening in these innovative Scandinavian institutions and companies. Through lectures at universities, visits to research labs, and discussions with scientists and professionals you will learn how psychiatric disorders and psychoactive drugs are handled in Scandinavia.

In addition, the Study Tour program is supplemented with cultural visits to help you learn more about Swedish and Danish history and culture and give you a more well-rounded understanding of the cultural context in which you are studying.

Tour Objectives

  • Broaden your perspective on developments in neuroscience relative to psychiatric disorders, as well as gain insight into the Scandinavian perspective
  • Enhance your knowledge of psychopharmacological research, treatment, and educational methods in Scandinavia
  • Expose you to various neuroscience careers through visits and lectures with leading figures working within prominent neuroscience research and education institutions

Possible Activities

  • Visit world-renown neuroscience institutions in Medicon Valley
  • Visit University of Lund, where dopamine was originally discovered in 1957 and where studies in that field are still at the forefront of psychopharmacological research
  • Get a closer look into clinical practice in the psychiatric field