Cognitive Neuroscience of CreativitySemester Course

Week-Long Study Tour
United Kingdom
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Major Discipline(s)
Neuroscience, Psychology
Core Course
Fall/Spring semester

How do we understand creativity and the brain? This course asks you to explore and debate human creativity through neurobiological, cognitive, and psychological perspectives. Main topics include discussions of the definition of creativity, psychological and cognitive profiles of creative individuals, functional neuroanatomy, the neurochemistry of the creative processes, the neural correlates of creative thought, cognitive processes and lastly, cognitive strategies for optimizing creative output.


Jes Buster Madsen

DIS Copenhagen Semester Faculty

Master in Cognition and Communication (University of Copenhagen, 2015), Bachelor in Philosophy (University of Copenhagen, 2013). Author of the novel Project Luftballon. Specialization: Cognitive neuroscience and creative writing. With DIS since 2018.

Carla Caetano

DIS Copenhagen Semester Faculty

Senior Consultant in Research Development, Faculty, Psychology and Cognitive Neurosciences Department. Previously, Program Director of Psychology and Cognitive Neurosciences Department. Ph.D. (Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience (Jan 2012- July, 2019). Post Doctorate (Adult Neuropsychology), UCLA/Cedar Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles CA. (2000-2002). Ph.D. (Psychology) Fuller Graduate School of Psychology Pasadena, CA. (1992) Licensed Psychologist (2002, California, USA), Specialist & Supervisor in Clinical Neuropsychology (2004, Denmark).  With DIS 1999-2000 and since 2003.