Positive PsychologySemester Course

Week-Long Study Tour
Verona-Vienna or Edinburgh or London or Krakow or Prague
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Major Discipline(s)
Education / Educational Studies, Human Development, Psychology
Core Course
Fall/Spring semester

This course combines a study of theory, research, and application in the rapidly growing field of positive psychology. You critically examine the psychology of well-being with its possibilities and limitations, focusing on topics such as positive emotions, character strengths, flow, flourishing, mindfulness, creativity, and post-traumatic growth within the context of culture and history. Investigate how positive psychology complements other areas of psychology, therapy, coaching, and communication; and how it can be applied in real-world, professional settings such as business development and the clinical context. Through experiential learning and reflection, gain the necessary tools for developing sustainable happiness and increased life satisfaction.

The Positive Psychology course at DIS provided me with life changing experiences that have inspired me in so many ways…This program provided me with a closer look into the incredible world of psychology through hands-on course work that changed my life!”

– Allison Bikshorn, University of Missouri-Columbia

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Organizational Behavior


Kamilla Lange

DIS Copenhagen Semester Faculty

Cand. Psychology (2006, University of Copenhagen). BA. Psychology (2003, University of Copenhagen). Authorized clinical psychologist, Psykolognævnet (2009). Clinical psychologist (2006-present). Mindfulness instructor (2008-present). Lecturer, Lægernes Uddannelses Forening (2008-2011). Lecturer, Mindwork and Fobiskolen (2008-present), Psychological supervisor, Psykiatrisk Center Bispebjerg, Region Hovedstaden (2011-2013). Psychological supervisor, Mindwork and Fobiskolen, (2009-present). Author (2012). With DIS since 2015.

Line Kamstrup

DIS Copenhagen Semester Faculty

PsyD in Counselling Psychology (University of Regent’s College, London 2011). Ph.D. Counselling Psychology (University of Regent’s College London 2011). Chartered Counselling Psychologist (2012). Clinical Psychologist, Psychiatry, Psychiatric Clinic within the National Health Services (Denmark, 2011). Specialized in Mindfulness-Based Therapies, Existential Psychotherapy and Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy. With DIS since 2012.

Line Kamstrup Frederiksen, Positive Psychology

Gitte Vonsild

DIS Copenhagen Semester Faculty

Master of Positive Psychology, and a minor in Psychology. MSc in Economics. Gitte Vonsild is specialized in the field of Applied Positive Psychology and is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) from the Coaches Training Institute, CTI. Professional background: 1997-2005 CFO at the Brewery Darguner Brauerei GmbH in Germany. Self-employed coach and workshop leader since 2005, and Lecturer at Metropolitan University College 2008-2012 in coaching & counseling, Positive Psychology, Positive Psychology coaching, change theory, and stress management. With DIS since 2011.

S. Salman Ahmad

DIS Copenhagen Semester Faculty

PhD in Psychology (2005) from Osmania University, India. Worked as faculty and consultant in the areas of psychology, leadership and organizational development across South Asia, the Middle East and Europe. In Denmark since 2010. Chief Consultant at the Living Institute and External Lecturer at Copenhagen Business School. Faculty member with the Department of Psychology at DIS since 2013.

Eleftherios Saftis

DIS Copenhagen Semester Faculty

MSc. in Health Psychology (2000) and BSc. (Hons) in Psychology (1997) both from City University UK/London. Certified in psychotherapy and counseling and in the process of qualifying as a psychoanalyst from the Centre for Freudian Analysis and Research. Co-authored a number of journal articles on post-traumatic stress disorder. Before joining DIS Terry Saftis worked as the Clinical Director of Community Housing and Therapy, a leading UK charity running therapeutic community households for adults with mental health diagnoses. He has also managed two therapeutic community projects, one, being a project working with homeless veterans suffering from mental health difficulties and the other a project for individuals with a diagnosis of psychosis and personality disorder. He has also worked as a psychologist in the Greek Army. With DIS since 2015.