Verona-ViennaWeek-Long Study Tour | Psychology Program

Required Course(s)
Positive Psychology

On this Study Tour we investigate well-being from different perspectives, including how culture as well as the social and the natural/built environment affects us. Our first stop is Vienna, the home of Victor Frankl (1905-1997), whose work on meaning is central to positive psychology and still important today. In addition, the city is a hub for famous Austrian art, sophisticated cafés, impressive architecture, and a bustling student culture. Here, we will zoom in on positive psychology topics such as meaning and purpose in life, resilience, and creativity. We then continue our trip to the beautiful city of Verona, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its outstanding architecture and historical sites. Here, our main focus is on flow theory and the link between the natural/built environment and human flourishing.

The week-long Study Tour is an integral part of the Core Course with cultural and historical visits, academic lectures, and hands-on experiential learning activities that give you a forum to discuss and explore the historical, cultural, economic, and social backgrounds of positive psychology.

Tour Objectives

  • Gain a deeper and more nuanced understanding of how classroom theories apply to the real-world environment
  • Develop a deeper insight into Europe through exposure to culture, history, and socioeconomic climates
  • Track traces of positive psychology and its philosophical and theoretical inspirations

Possible Activities

  • Meet with researchers and practitioners about their cutting-edge research and its applications in a global context
  • Participate in experiential learning activities in order to gain a deeper understanding of factors that allow human flourishing
  • Experience music therapy during a workshop with a music therapist