LondonWeek-Long Study Tour | Psychology Program

Required Course(s)
Positive Psychology

Delve into the field of applied positive psychology on a week-long Study Tour to London. The study tour is designed to bridge theories presented in the classroom in applied settings, and how field experiences inform the development of concepts.

When positive psychology was coined in 1998 by Martin E. P. Seligman, the University of East London was the first place in Europe to turn their attention to this new research field. Since then, more than 200 Master Degrees of applied positive psychology have been awarded in London, making it the city with the most positive psychology graduates in Europe.

Today, many positive psychology professionals use their skills to coach, provide therapy, or apply the theories in industries, such as, healthcare, education, and business. The study tour will give you an opportunity to meet some of these practitioners, and experience first-hand how positive psychology is applied in various contexts. You will use these discussions and experiences to critique and elaborate upon the strengths and challenges facing this young and exciting field.

You will also experience London’s culture and diversity by exploring museums, markets, and historical sites in various boroughs of the city.

Tour Objectives

  • Explore the current trends in positive psychology and investigate how it is viewed and applied in the United Kingdom
  • Learn about new developments in the field of positive psychology with leading researchers and practitioners
  • Learn about the benefits of focusing on well-being on an individual and national level

Possible Activities

  • Participate in a workshop focused on current trends in positive psychology, led by Kate Hefferen, the author of the course’s textbook
  • Take part in an interactive workshop led by a professional Shakespearian actor to learn and explore the relationship between elements of positive psychology and Shakespeare’s work
  • Visit a non-profit organization whose aim is to create macro-level positive social change