Positive Psychology Practicum: Methods and PracticeSemester Course

Corequisite Course(s)
Major Discipline(s)
Education / Educational Studies, Human Development, Psychology
Elective Course
Fall/Spring semester

A companion course for Positive Psychology, this practicum focuses on the application of positive psychology concepts, theories, and interventions in a Danish context. The aim is the development of professional skills such as observation, interviewing, and interventions within the field, by being placed in one of a variety of organizations. The benefits and challenges of applying positive psychology in diverse settings are explored.

This course is made up of classes and practicum visits. At the practicum sites, you will observe and engage in positive psychology applications under the guidance of a supervising staff member for a required total of 30 hours throughout the semester. Shadowing a trained psychologist is not included in the practicum.

NOTE: It is not permitted to enroll in Happiness Lab: Positive Psychology and this course simultaneously.

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Organizational Behavior


Christoffer Kølgaard

DIS Copenhagen Semester Faculty

Graduated from the University of Copenhagen and is a licensed psychologist with his own private practice in Copenhagen specializing in narrative therapy and consulting. Worked as a neuropsychologist with patients who had acquired brain damage and as a clinical psychologist in a psychiatric department. Published scientific articles and is still a part of the scientific community. With DIS since 2020.