Berlin (Full-Year Students Only)Core Course Week Study Tour | Architecture & Design Program

As a full-year student, the Berlin Study Tour forms an integral part of your studio curriculum and is an opportunity to continue to develop your skills in visual analysis of design themes, and spatial and sensory impressions. As experienced architectural travelers, you have the challenge of investigating Berlin as a historically-layered urban entity and as a composite network of zones, spaces, and sites. The way the old city fabric has been reworked through constructed interventions and contemporary planning will be evident through your sensitive and critical view, and cultural experiences with the city.

You advance your critical observation skills and diagrammatic and representational proficiency by studying the sites on the tour. Simultaneously, you are equipped with a vocabulary of design concepts, strategies, and materials, which can be applied in your own creative work in studio and beyond.

Tour Objectives

  • Study the city as a complex amalgam of historic and modern spaces and functions
  • Analyze how urban development and design expression have reacted to political events and social movements
  • Develop sketching and note-taking skills for recording impressions of sites in a journal

Possible Activities

  • Study how planning and architecture connect the present to the past in areas such as Potsdamer Platz, the Kulturforum and former East German neighborhoods
  • Visit Neues Museum, Neue Nationalgalerie, and Bauhaus Archive
  • Tour the former Reichstag, now the German Bundestag