Urban Design StudioSemester Course

Architecture & Design
Week-Long Study Tour
Germany and/or Netherlands or Finland and/or Sweden
Core Course Week Study Tour
Denmark or Berlin (Full-Year Students Only)
Major Discipline(s)
Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urban Design
Core Course
Fall/Spring semester

Using Copenhagen as a laboratory, solve realistic problems using analytical and design methods specifically devised for urban design and landscape issues. Some sections in studio focus on issues of human scale, temporary use, and sustainable design. Studio groups combine students of different levels and background. This course is taught vertically, and expectations relate to you as an individual student.

Related Discipline(s)

This course would also be of interest to the following discipline(s):
Design, Urban Studies


Rasmus Frisk

DIS Copenhagen Semester Faculty

Architect MAA/Urban Design Master (Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen 2003). Extensive national/international experience with large-scale masterplans, building design and public space projects. Worked in leading positions at many firms including White Architects and Gehl Architects. Today, Partner at arki_lab, consulting on global urban design projects. With DIS since 2011.

Jeanette Frisk

DIS Copenhagen Semester Faculty

Architect, M.A.A. (Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, Copenhagen, 2005). Currently, partner at arki_lab, designing cities with people and consulting on global urban design projects. Extensive national and international experience working with most disciplines in architecture, building design, small and large scale urban development, urban strategies, design, research, exhibitions, and much more. Worked at top architecture firms, including White Architects, on high profile projects and architectural competitions. With DIS since 2012.