Architecture Foundations StudioSemester Course

Architecture & Design
Week-Long Study Tour
Germany-Netherlands or Finland-Sweden
Core Course Week Study Tour
Berlin (Full-Year Students Only) or Denmark
Major Discipline(s)
Architecture, Design, Studio Art
Core Course
Fall/Spring semester

You develop design skills through analysis of existing buildings and by solving realistic architectural problems in a Danish context. In studio projects, construct spatial models in physical and digital media and advance your communication skills in expressing abstract concepts. Studios are taught vertically, combining students of different levels. Expectations relate to you as an individual student.


Mia Behrens

DIS Copenhagen Semester Faculty

Masters in Architecture and Landscape (Special focus; UN sustainable development goals) from The Royal Danish Academy of Art - School of Architecture (2017-2020), Bachelors degree in Architecture (Complexity Handling in Practice) From The Royal Danish Academy of Art - School of Architecture (2013-2016). Own architectural practice since 2020 — Working with the tension between landscape and building. Project lead and Architects at IKEAs Innovation lab SPACE10 (2017-2018). Professional experience also includes research, lecturing and consultancy. With DIS since 2021

Søren Amsnæs

DIS Copenhagen Semester Faculty

Architect M.A.A. (Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, 1983). Employment with PLH Architects, Homann Architects. Since 1988, own office specialising in visualization and project presentation for clients in Denmark and abroad. With DIS since 2012.