DenmarkCore Course Week Study Tour | Business Program

Home to some of the world’s largest producers of wind turbines, toys, pork, dairy products, water pumps, enzymes, and beer, Denmark is an ideal environment to gain insight into a multitude of industries. Through visits to companies and organizations, you will gain a deeper understanding of the dynamic world of business and the challenges of competing in a global market. During Core Course Week, you will spend two days in a seminar in Copenhagen and three days in Western Denmark on a short Study Tour, exploring and analyzing how classroom theories apply to the real world environment.

To contextualize your studies and give you a well-rounded understanding of the environment in which businesses operate, you will learn about Danish history, visit important cultural sites such as the Jelling Stones and the ARoS Art Museum, and enjoy traditional Danish food.

Tour Objectives

  • Engage in dialogue with corporations, based or operating in Denmark, to gain an understanding of business strategy in regards to Danish regulations, market demands, and culture
  • Analyze and critique Danish business models in the context of their industry
  • Understand the Danish business environment and how it differs from the United States

Possible Activities

  • Visit the family-owned global businesses of Lego Group, Europe's biggest toy maker, and Ecco, the only major shoe manufacturer in the world that owns and manages every step of the shoemaking process
  • Gain behind-the-scenes insight into the operations of other multinational companies such as Coca Cola, SAS Airlines, Grundfos, the world's largest pump manufacturer, Vestas, a leader within wind turbines, Viking Life Saving-Equipment, a market leader within maritime safety, and Novozymes, a world leader in bio-innovation
  • Visit small and medium enterprises, such as Hummel, a leading Danish sports brand, Cocio, a leading Scandinavian chocolate milk brand, and Peter Beier Chokolade, a successful line of luxury chocolate