Northern GermanyCore Course Week Study Tour | European Politics Program

Core Course Week, including short Study Tour, enhances the European Politics curriculum by giving you a more nuanced understanding of how classroom theories apply to the real world. This study tour takes you to Hamburg, Germany to explore international trade and examine the impact of European level legislation on local politics. The port of Hamburg, the largest in all of Germany is integral to the economy of both Hamburg, Germany and all of Europe. Previous visits have included the Port of Hamburg as well as the Danish Consulate to learn about how the European economy works across borders.

We use Hamburg as a case study to understand the historical and current structure of the German Federal state system- how they lobby, and how they interact with the European Union. Through lectures, cultural events, and guided tours, you will better understand the culture and history of the border region, and how successful – or unsuccessful – the European Union has been in using the economy to break down the borders of countries and unite Europe as a whole.

Tour Objectives

  • Explore the relationship between sub-national regions and the EU
  • Learn about the social and economic relations between Danish and German people in the border region
  • Experience and observe the life, culture, and political environment of Denmark and Germany

Possible Activities

  • Visit to Hamburg City Hall
  • Tour of Hamburg Port
  • Visit the Danish Consulate in Hamburg