IcelandWeek-Long Study Tour | Environmental Science of the Arctic Program

Required Course(s)
Polar Biology

This week-long Study Tour to Iceland brings theory from your Copenhagen classes into its natural environment. Iceland is an excellent place for this as it represents the low Arctic, and the fauna and flora have links to neighboring Greenland, reaching into the high Arctic. Adaptations to Arctic life for those species who stay in Iceland over the winter and also for plants and marine life are in focus. We will meet with researchers from Iceland’s well-recognized science community, who are currently studying these issues. Hiking in Iceland gives us the opportunity to see first hand examples of these adaptations. We will also experience Iceland’s unique history and culture, much of it linked to nature and to an extend Greenland/the Arctic.

Tour Objectives

  • Understand life and biodiversity in Polar regions, and engage with researchers and experts in Iceland
  • Explore the adaptations of animals and flora to the Arctic climate
  • Experience first-hand Polar environmental and conduct basic field studies

Possible Activities

  • Visit the Akureyri University (ptarmigan evolution) and the Northeast Iceland Nature Research Centre
  • Explore the town of Húsavik and visit the Icelandic Institute of Natural History
  • Visit Akureyri Offices, IASC, and the Rif Research Station (all-year species, ptarmigan, falcons, and Arctic fox)