Polar BiologySemester Course

Environmental Science of the Arctic
Week-Long Study Tour
Arctic Norway
Core Course Week Study Tour
Major Discipline(s)
Biology, Environmental Science, Sustainability
Core Course
Fall/Spring semester

Note for Spring 2021: Your two course-integrated Study Tours will take place in Denmark.

NOTE: The lab course, Climate Lab, will not be offered in the spring 2021 semester. It will be offered in fall 2021 and future semesters.

In this course, gain an understanding of biology of the polar areas, with a special emphasis on the Northern Hemisphere. Learn how organisms of the Polar Regions are evolutionarily adapted to cold terrestrial or marine habitats with strong seasonality. By studying theoretical and practical case studies, gain insight into population dynamics and species richness within Denmark, and of the Arctic regions in Norway and Greenland.


Sarah Hagel Svendsen

DIS Copenhagen Semester Faculty

Ph.D. (Terrestrial Ecology and Arctic Climate Change, University of Copenhagen, 2017). M.Sc. (Biology, University of Copenhagen, 2010). Arctic ecology research in Northeast Greenland and Western Greenland 2008-2018. Worked with communication and teaching since 2007. With DIS since 2019.