Polar BiologySemester Course

Environmental Science of the Arctic
Week-Long Study Tour
Core Course Week Study Tour
Western Denmark
Major Discipline(s)
Biology, Environmental Science, Sustainability
Core Course
Fall/Spring semester

In this course, you gain an understanding of biology of the polar areas, with a special emphasis on the Northern Hemisphere. You learn how organisms of the Polar Regions are evolutionarily adapted to cold terrestrial or marine habitats with strong seasonality. By studying theoretical and practical case studies, you gain insight into population dynamics and species richness within Denmark, and of the Arctic regions in Norway and Greenland.


Astrid M.A. Schmidt

DIS Copenhagen Faculty

Ph.D. and Post. Doc (Ancient DNA, Ice Cores and Climate Change), University of Copenhagen, 2007-2013. M.Sc. (Conservation, evolution and population genetics), University of Copenhagen, 2007. Her research interests are conservation, climate change and citizen science in the Arctic.  She has been working with science outreach and sustainable tourism since 2013. With DIS since 2015.