Helsinki-TallinnWeek-Long Study Tour | Business Program

Estonia and Finland are ideal places to tell the story of business in the European Union and experience European business culture in all its complexities and nuances. After gaining independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, Estonia has undergone tremendous reforms, leading to membership in the EU in 2004, and joining the Eurozone in 2014. This transition has opened up business opportunities and reshaped the business environment drastically. Finland has had a meteoric economic rise, only to suffer many of the growing pains often experienced by an economy that too strongly relies on a tightly-controlled core of firms to drive economic growth. The role of government in mobilizing and encouraging innovation and growth has played a huge part in its current success.

Tour Objectives

  • Compare and contrast the development paths of both Estonia and Finland, both from a historical and contemporary perspective
  • Develop a deeper insight into Estonia and Finland through exposure to the culture, history, and socioeconomic climate of the region
  • Gain a deeper and more nuanced understanding of how classroom theories apply to the real world environment

Possible Activities

  • Visit Microsoft, who through their acquisition of Nokia in Finland, and Skype in Estonia, are uniquely placed to give insights into business culture and efficacy in both jurisdictions
  • Hear from the National Bank of Estonia on current financial and geopolitical challenges to the Estonian economy
  • Immerse yourself in the Helsinki start-up environment by visiting and interviewing companies in small teams
  • Experience a classic activity of Finnish culture with a visit to a nature reserve to enjoy a traditional sauna and then dip in the waters of a Finnish lake - frozen or not!