SwedenWeek-Long Study Tour | Sustainability Program

The Swedish community is highly connected to nature. The country boasts a diversity of natural landscapes, from forests to mountains to sea, and the ability to access this nature is protected legally by allenmansrätten, or, the right of common access to land. There is a wide interest in preserving the natural capital of the country, which leads to the understanding that food systems need to be profoundly transformed to achieve climate goals and restore natural habitats. Sweden is quickly becoming one of the world leaders in sustainable food systems, with the agricultural sector expected to be fossil free by 2030.

This Study Tour is designed to give you a better understanding of how a nation transitions towards a more sustainable model of food production and the complexities involved in such a transition. You will visit a variety of food actors, including innovative food start-ups as well as established companies who have already transformed their business practices. You will see innovative farming practices firsthand, experience the Swedish nature, and meet farmers and chefs who are working to strengthen people’s connection to their natural surroundings. The tour will begin in Lund with visits to urban farms, resturants, and food processing companies within the city, as well as food tasting reflections. We then travel out into the nature of Söderåsens National Park, where you will learn more about the interactions between local farmers and conservation efforts. All along, great food experiences will be on the menu, challenging our tastes and habits.

Tour Objectives

  • Appreciate the importance and urgency of more sustainable and healthy food production and consumption
  • Gain important insight into the various stakeholders involved in the development of sustainable food systems, technologies, and policy mechanisms
  • Experience concrete examples where high level of sustainability have already been achieved and evaluate the opportunities for replicating sustainable solutions in other contexts

Possible Activities

  • Hear from business leaders in sustainable start-ups and established firms
  • Journey out into the Swedish wilderness to experience the beauty of its nature and understand the importance of preserving biodiversity
  • Visits to both urban farms in Lund as well as regenerative farms located in the wilderness
  • Draw direct connections between the natural world and your diet by eating food prepared and served in the nature it grows from
  • Meet with local chefs to learn how they think about and incorporate sustainability into their menus and also taste their food