Sustainable Food: Production and ConsumptionSemester Course

Week-Long Study Tour
Sicily (Spring) or Sweden or Barcelona (Fall)
Core Course Week Study Tour
Major Discipline(s)
Environmental Studies, Public Policy, Sustainability
Core Course
Fall/Spring semester

This course focuses on concrete and innovative solutions that reshape our connection to food. These solutions recognize and address the environmental and social impacts of food. Critical questions include: What is the true cost of food? How can we achieve more sustainable diets while producing less waste? Does food activism make a difference? What do pioneering restaurants and food entrepreneurs teach us? How do cities help shape more sustainable food practices?

Related Discipline(s)

This course would also be of interest to the following discipline(s):
Food Studies, Sociology


Emmanuel Gentil

DIS Copenhagen Semester Faculty

Ph.D. (Environmental Engineering, Technical University of Denmark, 2011). Independent environmental consultant. Senior Consultant at Copenhagen Resource Institute and for the European Environment Agency on waste management policy in EU. Ph.D. School Manager and Ph.D. researcher at DTU, Denmark 2006-2011. Master of business strategy and environmental management, Bradford. With DIS since 2013.

EPS - emmanuel gentil

Camilla Hoff-Jørgensen

DIS Copenhagen Semester Faculty

Camilla Hoff-Jørgensen holds a BA in Nutrition and Health (2006) and a BA and cand.scient in Anthropology (2012). She worked as a cultural consultant in Japan concerning Danish and Scandinavian food culture and developing comparative studies of the Danish (European) and Japanese food culture. Moreover, she has international working experience in Bangkok and Barcelona. Camilla has done various research within the fields of medical anthropology and anthropology of food. As medical anthropologist, she has worked with harm reduction strategies for homeless and other at-risk populations. As an anthropologist with a background in food culture she has been a food study consultant and tought various food culture courses. Camilla is currently working on an experience design study covering restaurant NOMAs reaction to COVID19.

EPS- camilla hoff-jorgensen