NorwayWeek-Long Study Tour | Sustainability Program

Norway has evolved from being one of the poorest countries in Europe into one of the richest in the world, due to the discovery exploitation of oil and gas. Over the last 50 years, the Norwegian diet has followed the same path and moved from very simple food towards an abundant food availability. While the country is slowly challenging its economic model, a new food movement has emerged in Norway, and most specifically in Oslo. Entrepreneurs, policy makers, restaurants chefs, and consumers are constantly inventing more sustainable and healthier food culture.

This Study Tour is designed to give you a greater understanding of food sustainability solutions from a European context through a range of visits to public institutions, companies, NGOs, and farms. You learn to identify different food actors, responsible for a more sustainable food transition. You gain greater insight into the role of communities, governments, and businesses in creating and implementing technology and standards for greater food sustainability.

The tour starts in Oslo with visits to urban farms, restaurants, and food processing companies within the city, as well as food tasting reflections. We then travel into nature to learn more about the interaction between local farmers and one of the largest national parks in Europe.

Tour Objectives

  • Appreciate the importance and urgency of more sustainable and healthy food production and consumption
  • Gain important insight into the various stakeholders involved in the development of sustainable food systems, technologies, and policy mechanisms
  • Evaluate the opportunities for replicating food sustainability solutions

Possible Activities

  • Visit innovative urban farms, embracing the concepts of circular economy and sustainability
  • Appreciate historical food stories that have shaped the world of food production, and evaluate the sustainability of the food we eat when in Norway
  • Experience Norway's beautiful nature and reflect on the importance of preserving biodiversity by exploring Hardangervidda National Park